Reflexian OP Prison


The insane maps…

Reflexian’s own custom built OP Prison gamemode has never been better before. With over 50 Insane Maps, 9 Ranks, 99.9% custom code, and even more, this is the future of your server’s success.


Instant setup. Happy sailing

Once the included zip file is uploaded and unzipped, you’re done. Start sending that IP to your friends and have some fun!

Use to host your professional Minecraft Servers!
Use to host your professional Minecraft Servers!

With great speed, comes…

With our brand new software, our OP Prison server can uniquely schedule ram management, storage management, and even player data management. All automatic, hands free.

Screen Shot 2020-01-26 at 11.58.18 AM

Did we mention…

Not only does our OP Prison come with custom built software, but with over $150 in Premium Plugins, $5,000 in Maps, and $10,000 in Configurations, our OP Prison is the most affordable and professional server on the market.


Required Specifications are on the Pictures/Specs page.