What is Privacy?

Privacy is the human right to protection against your information. It’s what keeps you different from your next door neighbor! We believe that privacy should be in everything, from pictures to pages, what you see is secure and encrypted.

Our Goals

We strive every day to keep your information encrypted and secure, preventing fraud, and leaks. Let’s stay secure together.

What Information we Collect

We collect the very minimal information needed to keep going. We only collect the IP Address from users that have broken our Terms of Service, which is used to ban that IP. We only use cookies to store packets of data, which is always encrypted and cannot be read by Reflexian. Any information you input into our website is encrypted and cannot be read by Reflexian. Address from purchases are only used to deliver the ordered product, and are only seen by the Senior Product Managers. We do not direct Advertisements to our users, nor do we sell your information to 3rd party’s.